caffeine eye creams depuff & brighten? spill the beans

Caffeine?  Yes.  In your eye cream? Tell me more… ☕️

Eye creams are oftentimes glorified, marked-up moisturizers.  BUT if you can find an eye cream that contains ingredients that address your specific eye concerns, they work wonders.

First, you must determine what your main eye concerns are: puffy under eyes, wrinkles and fine lines, red / dark under-eye circles + bags, or any combo of those. Next, you look for eye creams with the ingredients to correct those.

Caffeine is so powerful in an eye cream because it addresses multiple eye concerns:

  1. Like water pills, it’s a diuretic. This means that it’s extremely effective in treating under eye puffiness associated with excess water retention in the area.  
  2. Caffeine is also a vasoconstrictor: it tightens and constricts blood vessels.  Leveraging this in your eye cream is going to help tighten up the skin under the eye to tighten eye bags, sags, and also reduce puffiness.  
  3. Lastly, our caffeine eye cream has antioxidant-like properties which allows it to fight free radical damage and daily environmental stressors which would otherwise lead to signs of premature aging in the form of wrinkles and pigmentation. 

The caffeine eye cream by the [pH]ix addresses all these eye concerns with a few added benefits.  It takes it a step further in it’s formulation by adding:

  • brightening agents such as turmeric, eggplant, and ginger to lighten red / dark under eye circles and also provide more antioxidant protection from future wrinkles;
  • hydrating complexes of hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil to restore elasticity to your skin and smooth over fine lines
  • anti-inflammatory, healing ingredients like cucumber, aloe, and vitamin e.

Please reach out if you have any questions!  Otherwise, I think you just found your eye [pH]ix 👀

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