vitamin c + spf; the real power couple

forget megan fox & mgk, vitamin C + spf are the real power couple here. 
no good skin routine would be complete without sunscreen.  in fact, no matter how good your regimen is, your other efforts are for naught if you're not finishing off with spf.
while spf reigns king/queen of the skincare world, it is sadly only able to block about 55% of the free radicals you're being exposed to.  adding a topical vitamin C in with your sunscreen is far more effective at neutralizing free radical damage from uva rays.  sunscreen also prevents vitamin C from oxidizing on your skin, improving its efficacy & complexion- correcting abilities.
not only does our primer have vitamin C in it, but it also boasts all the benefits of vitamin E.  topical vitamin E provides extra protection against acute UVB damage & protects against cell mutation caused by sun + pollution exposure, all while treating sunburn. (* vitamin E does not replace sunscreen, but gives it that extra boost).
takeaway: our Vita C Primer significantly improves the efficacy of spf & vice versa. oh... & don't forget to put on sunscreen!




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