launch day

launch day

day one. wow. it’s day one of glö.  to everyone who has purchased our launch product (the Vita C Primer), anyone who is thinking about purchasing it, or who will purchase any of our painstakingly- researched line of skin care products in the future, I want to thank you.
glö is born from hundreds of hours of researching skincare solutions to help my mom’s skin recover after the trauma of chemo.  glö derived from countless bouts of painful & embarrassing rosacea flare ups that kept us from social events, dates, and more more importantly - from feeling comfortable in our own skin.  glö is homage to the dermatologists, nurses, and aestheticians that took the time to answer our (countless) questions / concerns.
glö is our chance to pay it forward.  we’ve come up with a carefully curated line of well researched products to address whatever skin type / condition you may have.  we want our socials & blogs to be an outlet for everyone to learn the beautiful & complex world that the skincare industry is, ask questions, engage, and come out with a better sense of self.
my first few blog posts will revolve around our Vita C Primer: why we chose the vitamin c derivative that we did, the benefits of it combined with a vitamin e & b, the pros of using hyaluronic acid before makeup, etc.  in the future however, I want it to serve as a forum for you to ask questions, advice, suggest products, etc.   
thank you all for joining this journey with us.  glö is proud to be the newest intro to your am&pm skincare routines.
happy glöday, people ✌️

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