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Meet brendan. jersey born sun-worshipper, constantly revolving between nyc & miami; trying to navigate adulthood, drink enough water, & correct years of all-too-frequent trips to the tanning salons. He’s had a lot thrown at him—from navigating the skin care needs of his mother with stage 3 breast cancer to severe rosacea. The added worry of looking like tanned leather by the time were 35 just didn’t fit the narrative. 

After hours of weekly calls with chemists/dermatologists to find skin care ingredients suitable for brendan’s mother’s skin during chemo & feeling utterly lost & hopeless to help her; after hours of youtube skincare routine tutorials & thousands spent on skincare products that just didn’t work; after hundreds of rosacea flare ups that left him self-consciously skipping dates & social events, he decided to take matters into our own hands. 

Brendan wanted to create a brand with products that would work for all skin types. he wanted to cultivate a platform that would educate the potential consumers instead of confuse them with long-winded ingredient lists & false promises. He wanted to help that next son, daughter, father, or mother that was looking to help their loved ones through seemingly impossible situations. What he wanted was a [pH]ix… so he made his own. 

The products are vegan, cruelty & paraben free + the ingredients are chosen with painstaking care… He hopes you love it as much as he does & encourages you to follow on socials & be part of the journey.

the[pH]ix brand logo the[pH]ix brand logo  


Navigating the skincare world is not easy.  it’s an extremely saturated market with some amazing... And then some not-so-amazing products. 

Brendan’s mom unfortunately endured 26 brutal rounds of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation for her stage 3 breast cancer. He spent hours online speaking with chemists & dermatologists, trying to piece together the perfect ingredients that would be effective in treating her various skin concerns, but that were also gentle enough not to do damage to her radiation-ridden skin. 

Brendan was also a swimmer growing up. After hours of two-a-days in an overly chlorinated pool and some severe rosacea, his skin could just never catch a break. He sat out on dates, family parties, and college reunions because of horrible flare ups & red-hot pain that caused him a lot of embarrassment & discomfort. He felt that he could never catch up to his own skin & felt lost that he couldn’t help his mom catch up to hers.

The internet was filled with so many products promising to help, but rarely do.  It's an abyss of information that is hard to sift through unless you’re an MD.  Brendan wanted to lend his years of cosmetic research & experiences with people to help them answer their skin concerns & share helpful tips & tricks he had learned along the way.

He created this brand to shake up the skincare industry. He wanted to help people find a [pH]ix for their various skin-concerns + [pH]ix this predatory & convoluted market. Skincare is a continuous process of trial & error; the [pH]ix promises incredible, well- researched products to fit your various skin needs & as much hand holding & guidance as you need along the way.

This is not just a skincare brand-- it is a community. We encourage you to engage with us on our socials, tell us products you’d like to see next that would help address your skin concerns, and get to know us!