Skin Silk Moisturizer Story & [pH]acts

A face moisturizer is a skin-care-routine staple. Regardless of whether you have dry, oily, or combo skin, you are exposed to countless environmental stressors on a daily basis. Because of this, your facial skin becomes sensitive & sheds cells more rapidly in an effort to heal & grow. science is pretty cool, huh? 

For the skin to carry out this process & for young, new cells to form & grow to the surface,  your face needs moisture.

What's This [pH]ix?

Our skin silk is lightweight, non- greasy, non-comedogenic (won’t block pores and clog acne), and suitable for all skin types. We based it in squalane, a lightweight & non-greasy antioxidant that immediately mimics & supports skin’s natural moisture barrier to help nourish, plump, & hydrate. We packed it with regenerative, soothing vitamins like hyaluronic acid, pro-vitamin b5, & niacinamide. We even added aloe to provide support for cellular restoration from sun damage and acne hyperpigmentation. 

Pro-tip: Pair with Vita C Primer for a powerhouse of free-radical fighting antioxidants & an instant, natural ‘glow’.